What we buy

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What we buy

We Have Cash and We Need Inventory!

Whether you’re just looking for some extra spending money, or want to liquidate an entire estate, bring your scrap gold, old jewelry, fine collectibles and other treasures  to Michael Bay Estate Buyers and meet with one of our buyers to receive a generous cash offer today.

Many dealers will  only offer you gold refinery prices.  We have a large, growing online retail presence and relationships with collectors worldwide, so we need inventory.

If you sell gold jewelry for its scrap value, you’ll lose much of its retail value.  The scrap price is based on the value of the metal alone and doesn’t reflect the craftsmanship or any aesthetic, antique or resale value.   A Jose Hess necklace might be worth five to tens times its weight in gold.  The average scrap gold buyer won’t know this, but we understand this and pay you the true market value for designer gold jewelry.

Don’t ship your valuables away, or sell your jewelry at scrap metals prices, bring your treasures to Michael Bay Estate Buyers in Oklahoma City and get the best prices and immediate payment  for the items you’re selling.

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